How long does shipping take? 

-Estimated shipping is based on where the item is going. Please allow 1-5 business days for your package to be delivered. 

What kind of material is used to make the blankets?

-Each blanket is made of different fiber content. Some blankets are made with 100% polyester or 100% acrylic, and some can have a mix of both. 

Can a custom order be placed? 

-Custom orders can be placed. Please email maydwithlovebytylamay@yahoo.com to inquire about product availability, and size. 

Will more blankets be listed soon?

-Each blanket is hand made by Tyla May and she will move as fast as she can to create new blankets. 

Once a blanket is sold out, will those blankets be listed again?

-You can create an account with us to be updated on new postings and item availability. 

Will there be other items listed to purchase other than blankets?

-A variety of items outside of blankets will be launched on 1/1/2021. Sign up for our emails on updates and promotions from our store.